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Sexual Harassment Training Seminars in Washington


With the #MeToo movement bringing increased awareness to the prevalent issue of sexual harassment in the workplace, Washington employers are wise to invest in sexual harassment training for their employees. Not only is training the ethical thing to do in order to promote a safe, respectful working environment, but it is required by Washington state law.


Seattle, Washington

Washington State Law on Sexual Harassment Training

Under Washington state law RCW 49.60, all employers with 15 or more employees must provide mandatory sexual harassment training and education to new employees within their first six months of employment. Washington State Human Rights Commission recommends employers must provide sexual harassment training and education to all supervisors and managers in regular refresher training.

The training aims to help employees understand how to identify, prevent and report sexual harassment in the workplace. It covers behaviors that constitute harassment, the damaging effects of harassment, expectations for reporting procedures, legal protections for victims, and potential disciplinary actions for violators. Employers who fail to provide adequate training face potential fines and legal liability.

Benefits of Sexual Harassment Training

In addition to meeting legal compliance, there are several key benefits for Washington employers who implement effective sexual harassment training programs:

• Promotes organizational culture of respect and inclusion: Training helps establish norms where harassing behaviors are not tolerated. This leads to better workplace morale.

• Heightens awareness and reduces incidents: Employees learn how to recognize inappropriate conduct. Equipped with this understanding, they are less likely to unintentionally commit offenses.

• Encourages reporting: Victims are more inclined to come forward when policies are clearly communicated. This allows companies to address issues before they escalate.

• Protects employer reputation: Proactive training portrays that the company takes harassment issues seriously. This safeguards public image and investor confidence.

• Reduces legal liability: Demonstrated commitment to training helps provide legal defense against negligence claims. This minimizes litigation risks and costs.

Finding the Right Washington Training Provider

Not all sexual harassment training seminars are created equal. Washington employers should ensure they select an experienced training provider that offers content that meets state legal guidelines. Ideal programs will incorporate Washington-specific information and examples into the curriculum. Employers should ask potential vendors the following:

• Is your training customized with Washington state regulations and case studies?
• What interactive components does your program include?
• How do you track employee completion and provide record keeping?
• What post-training resources do you provide for our sexual harassment committee?

By investing in customized, locally-focused sexual harassment training, Washington employers take an important step toward keeping their workforce safe while demonstrating a culture of dignity and respect. This protects both employees as well as the company itself from the costly damages associated with workplace harassment. As laws and societal expectations on these issues continue evolving, high-quality training is imperative in promoting positive change.

Washington cities providing onsite Sexual Harassment training seminars:

Seattle: Hyatt Hotel
110 6th Avenue North Seattle, Washington, 98109 United States

Spokane: Embassy Suites Hotel

Tacoma: Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn Express & Suites: Puyallup (Tacoma Area)
812 South Hill Park Drive, Puyallup, Washington, 98373