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Sexual Harassment Training Seminars in Virginia


With the #MeToo movement bringing increased awareness to the prevalent issue of sexual harassment in the workplace, employers in Virginia and across the nation are taking proactive steps to prevent inappropriate behavior and foster positive work cultures. One critical component is providing regular sexual harassment prevention training for all employees. Here’s an overview of the legal requirements, benefits, and options for implementing this important staff education.


Virginia Beach, Virginia

Legal Obligations for Employers in Virginia

While federal laws do not mandate sexual harassment training, under Virginia state law employers with 50 or more employees must provide a minimum of two hours of training to all supervisors and managers every two years. This training must cover information on federal and state laws regarding sexual harassment as well as details on the employer’s policies, reporting procedures, and disciplinary actions. Employers not meeting the training requirements can face civil penalties and fines.

Benefits of Sexual Harassment Training

Beyond meeting legal obligations, providing regular sexual harassment education for staff offers numerous advantages for Virginia employers:

Prevents harassment and reduces liability

Ongoing training helps employees understand inappropriate behaviors so they can avoid actions that could create hostile environments. This protects both employees and employers.

Communicates organizational policies and reporting procedures

Training ensures all staff are informed about internal complaint processes and aware of their rights and responsibilities in speaking up about harassment concerns.

Creates positive and respectful work culture

Education promotes values of diversity, inclusion and respect in the workplace. This boosts morale, productivity, recruitment and retention.

Demonstrates commitment to safety

Prioritizing this training shows employees that leadership cares about their well-being and takes harassment issues seriously. This fosters trust in management and the organization.

Sexual Harassment Training Options for Virginia Employers

Virginia companies have various options when implementing sexual harassment prevention seminars:

In-Person Group Sessions

Employers can bring in professional workplace training firms to conduct on-site seminars explaining policies, procedures and appropriate interactions. These intensive in-person sessions allow customized content and group discussions while meeting state training requirements.

Online Courses

For convenience and flexibility, organizations can have employees complete automated online training modules at any time from any location. This is more affordable and scalable for larger companies but lacks in-person interaction.


Virtual instructor-led training webinars provide an interactive seminar with questions and conversations while avoiding travel and allowing remote participation. This can help reinforce policies through real examples and scenarios.

Why Regular Sexual Harassment Training is Essential

Regardless the format, sexual harassment training should be repeated regularly, not just done once. Refreshing key concepts annually or biannually ensures that as an organization’s staff and policies evolve, everyone is up-to-date on expectations.

Investing in ongoing sexual harassment education is not just smart human resources policy - it’s also the law for Virginia employers. Protect your people and your organization by making harassment prevention training a priority. Everyone benefits from positive and respectful workplaces where employees understand their rights and can thrive.

Virginia cities providing onsite Sexual harassment training seminars:

Virginia Beach: Hilton Hotel
3001 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Chesapeake: Hilton Hotel
1565 Crossways Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23320

Norfolk: Hilton Hotel
100 E Main St, Norfolk, VA 23510