To understand that answer we must understand the 7 Gates of Power. What do I mean by that? The 7 Gates are the 7 areas of life. The reason I am calling them Gates is because the areas of your life are channels, portals through which your inner being expresses itself. Each area of life, for example the Gate of the Body, which is the area of the physical structure of our life expresses how we feel about ourselves, how we feel our environment, how we take care of our physical body and our personal environment.

Another example, the Gate of Emotions is the area of life that contains our emotions, etc. In this video I am explaining how important it is to keep all of these areas free, expressive and vibrant to achieve total well-being, health and success.

All the 7 areas are interconnected and they impact each other just like all the parts of ones body. the goal is to create a life in which all of the areas work in harmony.

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