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What clients are saying about our MVP speakers?


“This self-aware, wisdom-filled, fair and noble model of leadership that Robert is advancing should be the ultimate goal of all leaders.”
Manager, Loyola Marymount University

Our speaker is knowledgeable and has a lot of humor. The discussion was lively and he created and environment that made the seminar incredibly enjoyable, aside from the valuable leadership and motivation tools we learned.
Accounting Manager, Fidelity Material 


High energy, high powered sales professional with the insights and internal / external processes your company needs to succeed in sales. I know of several RRPC companies that have worked with MVP, and each of them enjoyed extraordinary results in sales as a result.  “If you are of the many who have invested in Salesforce software only to yield disappointing results, why not give us a call and transform your companies’ sales division?”

Executive Director at New York Photonics

We hired an MVP Speaker who evaluated and rebooted our sales process at a portfolio company. He came in with a deep understanding of the issues and the sales process challenges selling a product like ours. He dug in, got to know the people, was appropriately critical and strong when he needed to be and was collaborative all the way.
Our speaker really earned the respect of the team and the improved performance of the team. This speaker packs a one-two punch with his partner focused on recruiting. Once we identified our need, they recruited top quality candidates and then trained the one we hired. The continually spend time with the company and team to make sure they are on path. We have experienced a great commitment to the client’s success, completely honest and open and with integrity and respect of the team all the way. I look forward to hiring this speaker to help another company in the future.  

Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Expense Management Division at Cass Information Systems

“I have worked for the Air Force for twenty years and have had many, many classes. This communication class was by FAR the one that made a difference in my life.”

Contracts Specialist, US Air Force


Frustrated? Don’t understand blue collar employees?  Maybe the problem is with you…not them?  In this short, no-holds-barred book by a former oil field inhabitant turned consultant will give you insights and management techniques to use that you would never consider in a 100 years.  This is not your father’s field manual on management and leadership.  Read with caution!  Then follow his advice!