Specialized Harassment & Disciplinary Training

(One on one counseling & training)
"Prevent the problem before it occurs" ...... Elon Musk

Specifically designed for: Business owners, Managers & Supervisors

Lack of oversight within the sexual harassment workplace can create nothing but headaches, low morale & financial repercussions. Our job is to create a very healthy, productive environmental workplace for your business. The end result will be: Employees are happy, productive & no-one goes to court.
Many managers have attended Anti-Harassment Training and simply sit in the back of the room, constantly using their I-phone, not paying attention, or simply have an attitude that this subject is not that important & doesn't really apply to them. High-level employees who have created problems, are generalized disciplined, but not given additional training to solve specific behavior problems. This is important to ensure that you have taken “prompt corrective action” as required by your policy and the employment discrimination laws. MVP specializes in one-on-one manager disciplinary Anti-Harassment Prevention, providing in-depth coverage of all aspects of these topics. We customize this Anti-Harassment and Training Consultation to fit the particular disciplinary situation, while including, Gender, Bullying, following up with a long-term monitoring program.
+ Following our extensive one-on-one-training, your manager will completely understand their obligations to act as a role model for your organization.

About Our Curriculum: Sample: (Spanish & English)

  • Defining Sexual Harassment
  • What is sexual harassment ?
  • Who can commit sexual harassment?
  • Who can experience sexual harassment?
  • How can sexual harassment occur?
  • Specific forms of sexual harassment
  • When is an employer liable?
  • Is this sexual Harassment?
  • A sexual harassment policy
  • General Guiding Principles
  • Follow the facts
  • Summary
  • Specifics for supervisors
  • Liability
  • How to handle harassment complaints
  • Specifics for managers
  • Are there specific mandated requirements for course content?
  • Training methods must include certain questions that assess learning, skill-building activities to demonstrate understanding, as well as roll playing activities with common sense solutions.

Specific Requirements include:

  • Definitions of unlawful sexual harassment under California state and federal law.
  • Specific state and federal statutory and case law principles about the prohibition against and prevention of sexual harassment, and retaliation in employment.
  • The types of unwelcome conduct that constitute sexual harassment.
  • Specific remedies for Sexual Harassment situations prevention strategies.
  • Factual scenarios taken from case law, based on workplace situations and other sources which illustrate sexual harassment. Role playing, case studies and lively group discussions are all suggested, with a through knowledge of retaliation.
  • The limited confidentiality of filling a harassment complaint.
  • Understanding the organization's chain of command, HR resources, & other factors allowing employees to properly report alleged sexual harassment situations.
  • The company's obligation to conduct an effective workplace investigation of any harassment complaint.
  • Managers & Supervisors must be given a copy of the organizations’ anti-harassment policy, read & acknowledge receipt of this policy.

  • Pre & Post Testing: Details exact level of learning, before and after training..... (Spanish, Chinese, English) All results are given to HR for employee's records

Reproducible Handouts: Extensively explaining specific state Harassment/Bullying/Gender laws, and Federal Harassment statues. Not your generic boilerplate handouts. Real issues, which describe Harassment in simple, straightforward terms. Spanish/English .

Interactive Lecture & Video Role-Playing: Creating industry specific examples, increases comprehension, & practical knowledge of both harassment & bullying issues. This is a crucial training tool for both management professionals, & hrly. employees. Spanish/English