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Sales Training

Sales Speakers that Energize your Sales Force

If you want to succeed in spite of today’s economic woes & distracted markets, these courses are a must. Successful people with sales skills are the backbone of all profit. Conversely, “you can’t sell, unless you advertise”, has never taken on the importance that it has today. Whatever your position or personality, these courses will guide you to greater profits, with a much greater appreciation for the art of selling, & the importance of marketing & branding. Find a sales trainer or sales speaker that meets your needs.

How to Negotiate for Sales Success

What Purchasing Departments Don’t Want You to Know.  Learn the insider strategies and secrets that NO SALES TRAINER, SALES CONSULTANT, OR SALES MANAGER can or will teach you because they haven’t worked in purchasing!  Ever wonder why Sales Training is always provided by “Sales People” when the customer”s Purchasing Department is key decision maker determining whether or not you get the business? Everything you’ve ever learned about sales is only 50% of what you need to know – best case.

Until you know how purchasing really operates – how they are rewarded, what they measure, how they prepare for negotiations, their hot buttons, their negotiation tactics, etc – you will never be able to influence them for consistently world-class sales results.

This one or two-day seminar will take you through the inside scenes of what purchasing does, what motivates them, what triggers they respond to, how they prepare for and manage negotiations, what tactics they use and how to recognize and respond to them, and how they make supplier selection decisions.  Once you understand this – the other 50% of being a World Class Sales Professional – you will be able and ready to deliver the winning punch, every time.  If you are committed to sales success and customer excellence, this seminar will give you the tools to ensure sustained competitive advantage with your customers.

Learn the insider secrets to negotiating and closing a sale

  • Why taking the customer out to lunch may be the worst thing you can do.
  • How to anticipate, recognize, and respond to purchasing negotiation tactics
  • Why every proposal you’ve ever given to purchasing has been deficient
  • Why you should never respond with exactly the Scope Of Work (SOW) purchasing asks you to provide a bid on.
  • What you aren’t doing today to keep earning the business every month with purchasing
  • What data from your other customers you should be sharing with purchasing.
  • How to speak in the same language as purchasing for optimal results
  • How to win the business again before the contract expires
  • Using the three words that will crack cases, every time.
  • How to lower your price without lowering your profit
  • How to use questions – and which kind – instead of statements to get what you want
  • Why “splitting the pie down the middle” is Lose/Lose, and how to employ a proven ranking methodology to create real Win/Win.
  • How to capture the value of your proposals in language that will appeal to purchasing and outsell your competition.