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Sexual Harassment Training Seminars in Oklahoma


Workplace harassment issues continue plaguing Oklahoma companies, exposing them to legal liabilities, toxic culture and substantial costs linked to absenteeism and turnover. As societal awareness increases around inappropriate behaviors thanks to movements like #MeToo, Oklahoma employers must prioritize anti-harassment education ensuring respectful, inclusive environments. Establishing ongoing training programs demonstrates organizational commitment to ethical values and safety protocols protecting staff from harassment.

By investing in quality harassment identification and prevention seminars, Oklahoma businesses can promote healthier workforces, avoid hostile climate claims and empower employees to speak up when misconduct occurs. Here’s a closer look at why consistent training matters and how Oklahoma companies can implement impactful harassment education.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Examining the Issues

Harassment in Oklahoma workplaces manifests both digitally and in-person across behaviors like bullying, offensive verbal/visual content, sexual advances, discrimination, threats, intimidation and more. Beyond inflicting psychological harm, harassment breeds absenteeism, erodes engagement and reduces productivity as victims avoid perpetrators.

Under federal statutes such as Title VII and Oklahoma's Anti-Discrimination Act, harassment is considered criminal discrimination if it is severe or widespread. Employers who fail addressing both isolated and systemic harassment face individual liability starting from leadership down. Legal fees and reputation damage quickly accumulate for non-compliant companies.

State Training Requirements

While Oklahoma doesn’t mandate harassment prevention seminars, both the Supreme Court and Oklahoma Human Rights Commission identify training as an essential compliance activity demonstrating due diligence. Establishing recurring education at orientation and annual refreshers provides a defense against negligence claims.
Documenting session attendance ensures that all individual employees understand expected conduct per company policies. Training gives personnel tools to safely intervene as up standers when necessary.

Securing Customized Training

Generalized off-the-shelf training often utilizes vague examples failing to resonate with employees. Oklahoma employers should secure customized seminars incorporating relevant scenarios and issues facing their actual staff. Local training firms tailor programs to company size, industry, organizational structure and job functions using employee input.

Staff members therefore find that in-person group workshops or online courses that cover actual scenarios and suitable solutions resonate more. Training delivers the specifics on internal reporting procedures, leadership responsibilities, investigation practices and discipline consequences.

Key Training Topics

While each workplace requires training customized to their needs and challenges, recommended core harassment training topics include:

• Defining harassment and related behaviors
• Recognizing inappropriate conduct
• Impact of harassment on victims and company culture
• Protected classes under state/federal law
• Roles and responsibilities across hierarchy
• Organizational complaint procedures
• Bystander intervention tactics
• Retaliation prevention
• Diversity, equity and inclusion education

Left unaddressed, workplace harassment breeds severe consequences across psychological, cultural and financial dimensions. Through regular customized training, Oklahoma employers can establish respectful, inclusive environments while protecting their workforce and interests if issues occur.

Oklahoma cities providing onsite Sexual harassment training seminars:

Oklahoma City:
Embassy Suites by Hilton Oklahoma City Northwest
3233 NW Expressway Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112 USA

Tulsa: Hyattt Hotel
100 E 2nd St, Tulsa, OK 74103

Norman: Embassy Suites Hotel
2501 Conference Dr, Norman, OK 73069