Sexual Harassment Training Seminars in Ohio


Workplace harassment refers to unwelcome behavior that targets a protected characteristic, like race, gender, or religion, and negatively impacts the work environment. If Left unchecked, harassment hurts morale, decreases productivity, and opens businesses up to costly lawsuits. Implementing regular anti-harassment training is the best way for Ohio employers to prevent issues while creating a respectful, inclusive culture.


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The Need for Workplace Harassment Training

No business wants issues around discrimination or harassment; this statistics show why training is so critical- In 2021 over 5,000 harassment charges were filed with the EEOC.

Beyond the legal risks, harassment poisons company culture and causes extensive damage. Targets report higher absenteeism, lower engagement, and increased health issues due to stress. A person Many end up leaving their jobs to escape the hostile environment. Harassment left unchecked drains resources quickly.

Workplace Training Requirements in Ohio

To comply with state and federal regulations, Ohio employers must take reasonable care to prevent and promptly correct harassing behavior. While the law doesn’t mandate a set training schedule, regular education shows good faith efforts towards maintaining a harassment-free environment.

Many Ohio businesses opt for annual training to refresh employee understanding each year. However, biannual or quarterly sessions allow you to reinforce policies more often. For some higher risk industries like food service and retail, where staff turnover is high, monthly or onboarding training helps ensure everyone understands expected conduct.

More frequent training is especially critical if your business has experienced issues in the past. It helps rebuild employee trust and confirms that past inappropriate behavior will not be repeated or ignored going forward.

Creating Impactful Workplace Harassment Training

For anti-harassment training to create real change, it must go beyond checking a compliance box. Well-designed sessions actively engage staff to shift perspectives and assumptions. Instead of treating training as an obligation, your business should see it as an opportunity to shape behavior and uplift your workplace culture.

The most effective seminars follow key principles

Tailored content: Training should educate on real situations relevant to your employees and industry. For example, manufacturing plant training would differ from an office’s.

Interactivity: Adult learners retain more when actively applying concepts, not just listening passively. Discussions, scenarios, and role play make training stick.

Leadership involvement: Managers and executives should visibly demonstrate their commitment to anti-harassment efforts. Their participation in training sets the tone from the top.

Empathy building: Relatable stories and testimonials build understanding of different perspectives. This increases awareness of potential bias and foster more respect.

Retention testing: Following up training with quizzes or questions ensures critical information sticks and identifies weak spots.

How External Experts Can Help

Bringing in unbiased external trainers is the gold standard for impactful education. Specialized consultants and attorneys have extensive expertise from working with various industries and company sizes. They can provide more legitimacy and gravitas to reinforce the significance of the topic.

Outside experts also encourage more open conversations where employees may feel hesitant asking questions around an internal trainer. Attendees can raise issues specific to your workplace culture without fear of judgment or retaliation.

In addition to leading interactive seminars, external trainers can provide other services around improving inclusion and belonging in your workplace. This may include drafting or updating anti-harassment policies, investigating reported complaints, or offering manager coaching.

By partnering with workplace training professionals, your organization gains from their accumulated knowledge and best practices while sending a clear message - harassment will not take root here.

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