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Sexual Harassment Training Seminars in North Carolina


Hey y’all, listen up! We’re holding a must-attend harassment training seminar to create a respectful workplace.

I know, I know - harassment training sounds dull and pointless. But given the #metoo movement and recent lawsuits in NC, it’s clear that some people still don’t know how to act right at work. Our seminar aims to fix that through open conversation in a judgment-free zone.

We’ll cover what crosses the line from friendly joking to legit harassment. I know things can get confusing in the heat of the moment. We’ll break it down so you don’t make mistakes that’ll get the company sued!


Charlotte, North Carolina

Defining Harassment and North Carolina Laws

First, we’ll define harassment and review North Carolina laws. Essentially, harassment is unwelcome behavior towards someone based on their race, gender, age, religion etc. that creates a hostile work environment. It can be verbal, physical, visual or sexual. Under NC laws, companies can be liable for harassment committed by supervisors or between coworkers if no action was taken to address complaints.

For example, making sexual comments about Becky’s behind to other coworkers is not cool. Even if you think she’s flattered, she may be mortified and complain to HR.

Understanding Types of Harassment Behaviors

Next, we’ll cover types of harassment behaviors so you know what to avoid. This includes unwanted sexual advances, displaying graphic materials in shared spaces, making offensive comments, insults or jokes targeting someone’s identity. It also includes intimidation, threats, and even repeatedly asking out a person who has said no.

Now I know some of you may be thinking: C’mon, it was just a harmless joke! Here’s the deal - if it makes even one person uncomfortable, then it qualifies as harassment, period. We’ll talk through case studies so you can start recognizing iffy situations.

We’ll also clarify workplace relationships - yes, you can date around but not date your direct reports! That power imbalance means they may feel coerced into things they aren’t OK with. Don’t be that creep.

Taking Action against Harassment

Next up is how to take action when you witness bad behavior. This is key - because if you see something and stay silent, then you’re part of the problem too. We’ll review options like directly intervening if you feel safe, reporting to HR/management, or supporting the victim behind-the-scenes.

During the seminar, I encourage you to ask ANY questions you have and share real examples you’ve encountered. The goal is to have an honest, non-judgmental chat so we can improve our workplace culture. We promise nothing leaves the room and no one will be blamed for past mistakes if their intentions are good going forward.

Fostering Empathy and Respect

Our hope is that this seminar will create more empathy and help us look out for each other. We all deserve to work in an environment where we are respected as human beings. This matters for morale, mental health, and even productivity - multiple studies show harassment drags everyone down.

North Carolina cities providing onsite Sexual harassment training seminars:

Charlotte: Hyatt Hotel
222 S Caldwell St, Charlotte, NC 28202

Embassy Suites by Hilton Raleigh Durham Research Triangle
201 Harrison Oaks Boulevard Cary, North Carolina 27513 USA

Tru by Hilton Greensboro
1706 S. 40 Drive Greensboro, North Carolina 27407 USA