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Management and Supervision

Our seminars will teach you how to adopt & implement the traits & attributes of top leaders & managers. Powerful educational techniques that will launch you to peak performance in motivating & managing both projects and staff. Real-life case histories will be presented and discussed, i.e., business, political, military, sports, and mentoring. You will learn to establish professional credibility, set realistic goals, motivate team members, and command with authority. Essential courses for any corporate manager or supervisor.

What You’ll Learn in the Supervisor / Management Training

  • Understanding the basics of conflict and hostility. . . how to handle and spot potential problems.
  • Implementing the 6 techniques of progressive employee discipline. . . Spotting the “anti-management attitude.
  • 4 reasons to fire and the 6 steps to firing an employee. . . . Learn how and why to fire an employee
  • The essentials of motivating employees besides money. . . How to provide these benefits, and make them work!
  • Your “game-plan” . . . . How to map out, implement, & score touchdowns!!
  • How to establish your employee line-up. . . .Identify players and everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Establishing high-impact coaching and mentoring programs. . . .How to follow-up.
  • What to do with the marginal employee??  Can they be motivated to succeed?
  • How to attempt employee counseling and when to refer to professionals.
  • Learn how to listen. . . Hear what your employees are saying.
  • What to do with the problem employee if nothing works.
  • How to negotiate employee goals and salary performance issues.
  • Avoiding the I won. . . .You lose. . . Scenario.
  • Real Case histories. . . . Good and bad Supervision decisions!!

Round Table Discussion. . . .

This is the last hour & includes the presenter professionally nudging all participants to respond to hypothetical situations, which almost always challenges and creates transformational insights for new supervisors. Role-playing, team exercises & lively discussions are part of this package.