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Virtual Live Training

Global, Collaborative, Real-Time, Immersive, Instructor Led, Virtual Training

Benefits of Virtual Live Training

Virtual training technology easily allows for global training, collaboration, slide shows, shared content, demonstrations, immediate feedback, anonymous polling, Q&A, brainstorming sessions, role playing and more. Virtual live training drives engagement while monitoring learning and skill retention. Virtual training is a cost effective medium using video-based learning to build and apply skills, share and assess mistakes while also modeling and/or improving workplace behaviors.

Virtual Live Training Categories

  • Business Skills Training Seminars
  • Communication Training Seminars
  • Keynote Speakers, Motivation and Inspiration
  • Leadership, Supervision(supervisory) and Management Training
  • Legal Training Seminars
  • Sales, Marketing and Media Training Seminars
  • Sexual Harassment Training Seminars
  • Technology and Innovation Training Seminars
  • Wellness and Health
  • Youth Training/ Education

Virtual Live Instructor Led Training

MVP Seminars Partners with your business to Create, Deliver training and Measure Results.

Virtual Live Training seamlessly delivers learning to a globalized, remote workforce. Our MVP Seminar facilitators provide tools needed delivering modern virtual experiences, a wide range of options, flexibility applying blended learning strategies.

  • Expert Facilitation
  • Virtual Live or Webinar based
  • Demonstrations, Case Analysis, Polling, Brainstorming
  • Collaboration
  • Coaching
  • Combination of technologies
  • Learning quizzes or assessments

Virtual Live Training Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual classrooms leverage the best of technology to make learning an easier and more convenient experience. They also help bring down the costs significantly, while at the same time, provide a vastly superior reach both in terms of students and teachers that can access it.

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