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Sexual Harassment Training Seminars in Idaho


Selecting a Sexual Harassment training in Idaho is an effective way to prevent problems before they occur, while inspiring and motivating employees to perform better, increasing professionalism while creating a fun, very interactive learning experience.
Training companies, such as MVP Seminars and Employee Harassment Training can help book your selected Harassment trainer who will personalize the training specifically to relate to the specific business & any issues that HR would like discussed. Our MVP Sexual Harassment training seminars are available in the following Idaho cities: Boise City, Meridian, Nampa


Boise City, Idaho


Regardless of whether your organization is mandated by state law to offer sexual harassment prevention training, all businesses should incorporate sexual harassment prevention training into their company culture and HR best practices. This is the best way to keep your employees happy, productive, & everyone out of court.

Idaho Sexual prevention Harassment Codes:

A person commits the crime of stalking in the first degree if the person violates section 18-7906, Idaho Code, and:

  • The actions constituting the offense are in violation of a temporary restraining order, protection order, no contact order or injunction, or any combination thereof; or
  • The actions constituting the offense are in violation of a condition of probation or parole; or
  • The victim is under the age of sixteen (16) years; or
  • At any time during the course of conduct constituting the offense, the defendant possessed a deadly weapon or instrument; or
  • The defendant has been previously convicted of a crime under this section or section 18-7906, Idaho Code, or a substantially conforming foreign criminal violation within seven (7) years, notwithstanding the form of the judgment or withheld judgment; or
  • The defendant has been previously convicted of a crime, or an attempt, solicitation or conspiracy to commit a crime, involving the same victim as the present offense under any of the following provisions of Idaho Code or a substantially conforming foreign criminal violation within seven (7) years.

Idaho Sexual prevention Harassment updates:

The Idaho Legislature will have a new policy on harassment this year. The plan comes in the wake of numerous highly publicized nationwide events and a few lesser-known incidents at the Idaho Statehouse. Senator Cherie Buckner-Webb who co-chaired the Respectful Workplace Task Force Committee said, “There have been stories. There’s folklore about things that have happened in this body.”
Countless legislatures and businesses throughout the country are undertaking the same changes. “This was something that needed to be done for a long time, and there’s been a cry across legislatures and across the United States,” Sen. Buckner-Webb said.

The Idaho Legislature did not have an articulated procedure before this and complaints did not have a standardized method. “There wasn’t a process whereby someone could report and feel confident that it would be acted upon,” Sen. Buckner-Webb said. There was no way of quantifying what was going on.

The new policy lays out definitions of harassment and puts procedures in place to process complaints. “They did well on how the committee is going to investigate and how they’re going to punish people,” said Monique Lillard, Professor of Law at the University of Idaho and past president of the Employment Discrimination section of the Association of American Law Schools. “I think they covered all of the important components.”

Idaho cities providing onsite Sexual prevention harassment training seminars:

Boise: Hilton Hotel
3122 S. Main St., Boise, Idaho 84577

Meridian: Hampton Inn
875 S Allen St, Meridian, ID 83642

Nampa: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Nampa - Idaho Center
4104 East Flamingo Avenue, Nampa, Idaho 83687