How To Spot and Prevent Employee Harassment?


There is a lot of ambiguity surrounding what constitutes employee harassment and even more around how to prevent it. Generally, organizations conduct employee harassment training to prevent such incidents in the workplace and allow a healthy work culture to prevail. There are many challenges to overcome to ensure that no such incidents happen at the workplace and the employees have stable behavior.

Although the employee harassment training does goodwill to the organizations, taking action against such disgrace is in the hands of the organization. Apart from that, the employees must also have their responsibilities towards the safety and security of their co-workers. 

employee harassment training

How to spot Harassment?

Over-friendliness sometimes leads to unusual and appropriate behaviors that one takes as a joke, but little did they realize that it has become a habit, and they deserve punishment. But before that, spotting is a must. Here, we will find out the acts which are legally considered Harassment:

  • Personal Harassment – When one person passes a derogatory remark on the other and also attempts intimidation¬†
  • Discrimination – Victims may be bullied or harassed because of their color, gender, age, or other characteristics.¬†
  • Physical Harassment – It is frequently manifested in the form of workplace violence or the threat of physical harm.
  • Psychological Harassment – Psychological Harassment includes being subjected to criticism or being dismissed disrespectfully or belittled.
  • Verbal abuse involves someone or perhaps more employees cursing, insulting, or yelling. It may include physical harm as well.
  • Cyberbullying – Besides sharing or disseminating defamatory information, cyberbullying can also occur through direct messages, tormenting the targeted person or persons.

Some steps to be taken other than Anti-harassment training:

As the above paragraph mentions the type of employee harassment that can be a potential reason for destroying one’s peace, here we are enlisting some steps that can be taken to contain Harassment at the workplace for the successful functioning of the workplace.

  • Establish a strict anti-harassment policy: The first step in preventing any Harassment is to create a detailed anti-harassment policy and make it known to every employee in the company. Ascertain that the policy adheres to all applicable laws and industry standards.
  • Conduct regular training and awareness initiatives to educate your organization’s employees about sexual and other workplace harassment, aware of their rights. POSH training is an excellent technique to eliminate workplace sexual Harassment.
  • Create an anti-harassment corporate culture: Modern business leaders must establish and maintain a company culture that guarantees all employees act professionally. Workplace ethics and culture must prevent dismissing people’s perspectives and isolating them from their peers.
  • Faster complaints and prompt action with transparency: Have a straightforward way to register any inappropriate behavior or Harassment. Respond swiftly to complaints, taking swift and harsh action to ensure that similar incidents do not recur.

With the above steps, an organization can ensure zero tolerance for Sexual Harassment. Other than these policies, the company can conduct Texas Sexual harassment training to influence your employees to tackle the disgrace wherever they find it happening.