How Do I Deal With Bullying And Harassment In The Workplace?


The incidents of bullying at the workplace are no depressive than the act of sexual harassment. This is a common problem seen where employees discriminate and raise conflicts over the individual’s race. Where many people suffer from it, in most cases such experiences remain unreported as employees avoiding disclosing what they have been going through.

Here, we realize the necessity of supervisor training at the offices that keeps an eye on the system while giving employees enough liberty to talk about what they have been going through.

What is the legit solution to this problem?

The workplaces must have a policy on bullying or may arrange a management training to let employees understand how they can deal with the unexpected incidents. Just in case, there is no such policy in the organization, the employer still holds legal duties of preserving his or her employees to the best.

Bullying can be in any way like physical or verbal. Both the forms are unacceptable and often can be the reason to legal conflicts in the office. Here, it is the responsibility of the employer to arrange a supervisor training California and ask the employees a series of questions including –

  1. Do you feel threatened at work?
  2. Is there anyone bullying you while you work?
  3. Do you feel insecure when at work?
  4. Is there anyone questioning you on your race, religion, color or physical appearance?
  5. Do you feel disregarded and ashamed in any manner when working at the office?
  6. Did anyone misbehave with you?

Generally, you can let the human resource department come forward and ask such questions to maintain a healthy working environment at the office.

The last line –

The bullying experiences in the organization can be a massive challenge to deal with, especially for a newbie professional. It not just ruins the working state of mind but leaves a huge impact on the overall ambience of the office. It is the responsibility of the employer to keep a check on such aspects and ensure a healthy working environment for his or her employer.

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