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Customer Service

It costs five times as much to get a customer in the front door, as it does to keep one.

These seminars provide the key to establishing “nuts & bolts” customer service with even the most difficult customers. We believe that customer service, like sales, is a craft, and constantly needs to be honed, and reinforced.

Upon completing any of our Customer Service seminars, you will be able to:

Identify customers, understanding what they want, and what they value.

Describe the most difficult customer ever encountered, role-playing, and provide an explanation, as to why the customer behaved as s/he did.

Explain why the customer is your employment, rather than a necessary distraction, or annoyance.

Understanding the three basic customer needs, knowing that the customer given time, will ask for what they want, listen, listen, & listen !!

Identify & thoroughly understand the behavioral skills that influence other people, & their decision-making progress.

Bottom line results and profits . . . .

  • Increase the return on your customer service dollars.
  • Make your customers feel important and appreciated.
  • Reduce stress and turnover in customer service jobs.
  • Become a master in the art of listening.
  • Say “no” and be firm without antagonism.