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Corporate Universities for Talent Management Employee Training and Development

What is a Corporate University?

corporate university is any organizational & educational entity that is designed to assist the organization in achieving its goals by conducting training and other activities that foster individual and organizational learning and knowledge.

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Do corporate universities deliver results? What kind of measurable results do companies with a corporate university typically experience?

ROI:  Research has repeatedly affirmed that firms that can capitalize on their human capital have significantly higher shareholder return than average firms. The chart below illustrates a ten-year total return comparing a market cap weighted index of more than 500 public companies that identify themselves as having a corporate university and the Russell 3000 index. Both the CorpU weighted index and the Russell 3000 index track predominantly large US-listed companies. In this comparison, the CorpU index of companies with corporate universities beats the index by a solid 9%.


Source: http://www.corpu.com/documents/Business-Case-for-a-Corporate-University.pdf