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Sexual Harassment Training Seminars in California

All the best, you have just entered MVP Seminars, conveniently extending help in turning your office into a safer and more respectful place. Our Intentional Scenario Workshops enable your employees to acquire all the necessary skills and every important background required to eradicate harassment. To abide by California’s strict anti-harassment rules, we proudly offer you a dynamic yet practical training kit to meet your organization’s specific needs.


Why Interactive Scenario Workshops?

At MVP Seminars, we took care of the necessity to have professional and even practical workshops or training sessions to avoid harassment in the working environment. Unlike the mere theory-based process, our workshops achieve a higher level of reality, engaging in real-life situations that closely resemble what may come up for participants in their regular work environment. The benefits of including role-playing exercises in our training impart good response skills to participants, who are adequately prepared to address the harassment scenarios empathetically and effectively.

Key Features of Our Workshops:

Realistic Scenarios:
Embed in scenarios that can occur at work and may be faced by the employees. These scenarios vary from mild to severe forms of harassment, forcing the participants to devise different alternatives and put them into practice.

Role-Playing Exercises:
Take part in interactive role-play games that mimic the routine of workplace activities. This methodology allows them to use the gained knowledge in real situations, reflecting their perception of harassment prevention.
Customized Content:
We recognized the uniqueness of each organization. Our workshops are personalizing so they can be made tailor-defined to meet the needs of a particular industry as well as in a way that they will fit within the company culture, relationship, and structure of personnel.
California-Specific Focus:
There are several state laws restricting what is acceptable regarding workplace harassment in California. Our workshops have been carefully created to fit within the framework of law in California and give those people everything they need to understand to comply with state laws and regulations.
Expert Facilitators:
Our seasoned facilitators take participants through the described situations, offering well-researched insights, tips, and criticism. They develop an encouraging learning environment in which employees can navigate and handle sensitive problems relating to, among others, labor and staff practices.

Benefits for Your Organization:

Risk Mitigation:
Minimize the chances of Legal complications by ensuring your employees know enough to identify and prevent Harassment, inclined to California’s legal provisions.
Empowered Workforce:
Turn your employees into proactive bystanders who will not stand and watch when they see harassment, connecting them to nice workplace culture.
Inclusive Environment:
Creating a culture that values ​​diversity and cultural awareness is one of the most vital aspects. The workshops contribute to inclusiveness, where prejudicial behavior arising from cultural misunderstandings is avoided.

Confidence and Competence:
You can achieve the resilient and harmonious workplace dream of your employees getting more confident and competent in addressing harassment.

Opt for MVP Seminars for a generative workshop assignment exercise beyond passive training approaches, ensuring enduring impact and revision in your institution. This notion that we are responsible for building yet another place to eat lunch together while ensuring everyone is given a chance should be upheld. For harassment prevention training designed for you, contact us now to book your appointment.

California cities providing onsite sexual harassment training seminars:

Santa Barbara: Hotel Californian
36 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
San Diego:
Airport Hilton, 1762 S. San Diego, Blvd. 9004
Los Angeles:
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Los Angeles Downtown West ,611 South Westlake Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90057
San Jose:
Holiday Inn San Jose - Silicon Valley
1350 North 1st Street, San Jose, California 95112
Sacramento: Hilt on airport
3001 Advantage Way, Sacramento, California, 95834, USA
San Francisco:
Hilton Marina
200 Marina Blvd., Berkeley, California, 94710, USA