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Online Sexual Harassment Training for Employees and Managers


Sexual Harassment is considered to be the most common workplace harassment. As per the statistics, around 54% of the workers have experienced such a form of harassment, and the prevalence of it has varied damaging effects. It takes down not just the organizational productivity but the worker’s morale and the culture too. It is, therefore, critical that the employers employ practices and training  aimed at training, preventing and stopping all organizational sexual harassment situations. One important way to ensure prevent harassment is by providing ca sexual harassment seminars.

Who needs to comply with the ca law sexual harassment training?

The Civil Rights Act, 1964 have prohibited sexual harassment. As per the act, any employer with 15 or more employees is not allowed to discriminate against race, religion, sex, national origin and color.  The law applies to all federal, state, the local employers. The law also governs appropriate and inappropriate employment actions to harassment claims.  These laws are enforced by both California State, Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and federally enforced through the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).

Training for Employers and Managers

All the employees are entitled to having a peaceful, safe and comfortable work environment hostile-free. Understandably, employers do face challenges while preventing harassment, but it is their responsibility immediately address and STOP all harassment they they knew or should have known about. Based on it, providing certified ca law sexual harassment training for all employees, supervisors and management is a key defence for company’s in alleged sexual harassment claims in California . MVP seminars ensure these training to go beyond baseline knowledge for  managers and employees by offering critical thinking cases and interactive role plays enacting hypothetical situations that may occur and demonstrations proper strategies for handling workplace sexual harassment.

Manager Sexual Harassment Training

This ca sexual harassment webinar certification includes real-life scenarios, topics specific to the role of managers to stop and prevent sexual harassment, their personal liability regarding related to their action or inaction and their personal responsibility in not participating in, stopping any known harassment but also their responsibility to report the harassment following their company policy. MVP Seminars covers the key components throughout their interactive online ca law sexual harassment training.

  1. Spotting and responding to sexual harassment situations.
  2. Obligations related to suspected retaliation and harassment cases.
  3. California’s laws including expanded workforce protected classes.
  4. Bullying definitions, prevention strategies and remedies.
  5. Examples include harassment based on gender identity.
  6. Inappropriate conduct handling best practices.
  7. How can a manager handle the complaints?
  8. How to handle the harassment as considering the national origin, religion, and race.

Employee specific ca sexual harassment seminars

Building on the manager sexual harassment seminar, MVP Seminars includes real-life scenarios that will help the employee critically think about and apply their understanding regarding the different types of harassment. The training helps the employees assess  their behavior and also describes how to report any observed co-worker’s harassment related incidents. MVP Seminars, while designing their ca online sexual harassment certification, take care to include the below-mentioned.

  1. Understanding the fundamentals of harassment.
  2. Today’s workplace protected classes.
  3. Some important examples of the harassment.
  4. Sexual, as well as other forms of harassment cases.
  5. Policies which are against the retaliation.

MVP Seminars ca sexual harassment training for the businesses

MVP Seminars understand how knowledge is power, and this is why they conduct best of ca online sexual harassment training to prevent the harassment and provide the employees and the managers with the information they need to recognize and report the harassment cases. Professionals design their seminars in a manner that can help all to get answers to some important questions, which are mostly misunderstood by people.

Contact us us today to set up customized sexual harassment prevention training guaranteed to improve employees and managers workplace knowledge, build toolsets, apply employee sensitivity and practice strategies to improve the workplace culture and keep your company out of litigation.