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Importance of Sexual Harassment Training At Workplace


Agree or not, but a majority of sexual harassment cases came into limelight after the #MeToo movement started. To support the campaign with some factual information, XpertHR surveyed in February 2018 and found out that 92% of the HRs claimed of having sexual harassment policies in their organizational protocol.

Further, the report revealed that only 74% of companies understood the importance of sexual harassment, thus providing sexual harassment training at workplaces. On the other hand, 3% refused to even have an idea about it.

Effective Ways of Conducting Sexual Harassment Training in New York

  1. Virtual training sessions (online programs/webinars)
  2. Interactive sessions
  3. Programs held for external organizations

According to New York’s Sexual Harassment Training Protocol, Employers Need to-

  1. Abide by the latest sexual harassment policies established and published by the state model policy
  2. Deliver a detailed sexual harassment training at the workplace, meeting the minimal training standards imposed by the state authority
  3. Provide a copy of the organization’s sexual harassment protocol copy to every employee

Importance of Sexual Harassment Training

In 2018, New York State and NYC enacted an anti-harassment law to encourage a healthy work environment in every organization. Following the protocol, the government shared sexual harassment policy rulebook to each employer in New York City. The rulebook contained all the policies meeting standards defined by the state government.

Benefits of Sexual Harassment Training for Employees-

With the righteous approach, sexual harassment training at the workplace and bring a notable change in the overall conduct of employees. The training focuses on different segments from not accepting inappropriate behavior to handling unsafe circumstances.

 Importance of Sexual Harassment Training for Managerial Class-

Training programs organized for managers are to educate them about that everyone in an organization is working as an employee and what non-acceptable practices come under sexual harassment policies. As managers are considered as influencers in an entity, they need to know all ins and outs about inappropriate conduct.

Prevention of sexual harassment training in organizations can lead to boosted confidence in employees, more professional conduct in the workplace, and improved thought process, helping you entitle your firm as an ideal one.

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