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  •  Are you a keynote speaker, business trainer or executive consultant?
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Our MVP Promise

We guarantee every MVP associate will have a level playing field. Unlike many speaker bureaus and training companies who favor commission-driven high-end speakers and trainers, we will provide equal exposure for both new and seasoned professionals.

In today’s competitive marketplace many bureaus and training companies have 2,000 – 6,000 members. Frequently there are 200 or more competitors in each topic or category, neatly processed into slots where everyone has the same basic identity. There is little consideration given to complete biographies, topic outlines, customer reviews and other personal qualities that meeting planners and corporate training managers consider invaluable.

The bottom line…You get lost in the shuffle, the phone doesn’t ring and you don’t get booked!

Business Trainers

Each trainer may choose up to 5 different seminar topics. Each topic selected will include your specific outline and a direct link to your biography page. Your fees are not listed and are only available upon request.

Keynote Speaking and Break-Out Sessions

Each speaker may choose up to 3 different topics, which are accompanied by a specific title and a brief description of your keynote, with a direct link to your biography page.

Executive Consulting

Each coach may choose up to five different topics, which are accompanied by a brief description of services and methods of delivery, with a direct link to your biography page.

Speaker Compensation

Our keynote speaker and business trainer compensation click here to see our rates and up-front pricing.

If you're still not convinced and want to know more:

We have an in-depth marketing guide available for you to read. In this guide, we highlight the processes we use to boost your visibility, customer engagement, and your number of seminars booked. Click here to read our guide.