6 Things To Consider When Choosing Sexual Harassment Training Courses In San Jose, CA


Following #MeToo and new San Jose California sexual harassment training courses/classes standards, firms have pressure to improve their harassment training programs and strategy to combating workplace harassment. Here are six points to keep in mind when selecting sexual harassment training courses/classes in San Jose, CA, whether you’re training employees online, in a classroom environment, or through a blended learning approach.

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Training should:

Comply with state and local requirements

Like San Jose, California, many states have reinforced anti-harassment laws and increased the number of sexual harassment training courses/classes required. All sexual harassment training must, at a minimum, include the topics mandated by the state, city, and local laws. One point to examine is how the training goes beyond the prescribed topics to address additional pertinent concerns that are important to employees and managers.

Be easy to update

Sexual harassment training courses/classes in San Jose, CA, should be developed to allow for easy and cost-effective updates frequently. Not only must training be kept up to date with federal, state, and local standards, but it must also be refreshed so that employees are not repeating the same course year after year. After all, how can a story keep your attention if you already know how it ends?

Engage a 21st-century workforce

Interactivity, realistic video scenarios, assessments with point-scoring throughout the course, and other eLearning techniques are some of the aspects that make sexual harassment training courses more engaging for a twenty-first-century workforce.

To effectively handle and prevent workplace harassment, interactive training personalized to the organization and its personnel is a must. Training that can be easily personalized for your organization with visuals, images, videos, terminology, and branding, policies, and CEO messages can create a more meaningful and relatable experience.

Be mobile-optimized for flexibility and convenience.

Sexual harassment training courses and programs in San Jose, California, should be mobile-friendly. As a result, Employees will be able to access courses on their laptops, smartphones, or tablets, giving them more freedom. HR managers and administrators can use mobile technology to assign courses, track employee progress, send out an email or text reminders, and view future training requirements at any time and from any location.

Raise awareness and promote respect and civility

Sexual harassment training courses/classes in San Jose, California, must shift from focusing solely on avoiding legal responsibility to encouraging workplace respect, civility, and bystander intervention. Sexual harassment training courses in San Jose, CA, can foster inclusive thinking and decision-making by boosting employee knowledge of these topics – as well as their own and others’ conduct – and teach employees how to be active bystanders when they observe or experience harassment.

Ask for employee feedback.

A surveyor feedback form at the end of San Jose, California, sexual harassment training allows the organization to collect on-the-spot thoughts regarding the training and suggested methods to improve it. In addition, soliciting feedback from employees conveys the idea that their ideas and training experience are valued.


When selecting San Jose, California, sexual harassment training courses/classes, look beyond a checklist of criteria, regardless of your specific sector or size. Employees should be engaged, educated, and influenced to make the correct decisions, take appropriate action, and create a workplace that is courteous, inclusive, and free of harassment and discrimination.