Most companies struggle with the change process. Even if they have invested in new equipment, expected ROIs often do not materialize and culture seldom changes. Why? Not for the reasons you think. Did you know that your management system is the problem? Management systems ARE NOT designed to reveal potential, promote change, optimize performance or change culture. This means they are not designed to support your change efforts! In fact, they work against your efforts to change because of this weakness.

Management systems are designed to report past performance and budget variances, but contain NO DATA about potential for growth. Potential is NOT EVEN ON THE GENERAL LEDGER because it has not been captured yet! As a result, management teams are asked to capture potential without understanding it and without tools to help them capture it. Further, the connection between performance and culture is WEAK OR UNDEFINED, so unintended barriers steal the benefits of change. Symptoms of these barriers include conflicting goals, confusing priorities, expected gains that never materialize, departments that don’t work together to solve problems, project delays that were preventable, mistrust between management and the workforce, and low management credibility. Management teams do the best they can with change under these circumstances, unaware that their management system is working against them and unaware that they hold the power to remove these barriers if they know what they are.

The good news is that it is possible to add a “3rd set of data” tied to potential and link it strategically to existing management tools and the change process. It is also possible to strengthen the “Performance-Culture Connection” and align the management system to the change process, which removes many of the barriers that are holding you back! Millions of dollars of additional profit hinge on this work. Would you at least consider the possibility that the system that you work in every day is your biggest barrier to change? If the answer is yes, you are already on your way to amazing performance!