The other day, I was reminded of why it is pertinent for staff to display a professional image, especially when they are representing the company at several functions. As I walked around the room at a luncheon, having many conversations with business associates, I observed many individuals in leadership roles that were poorly representing their companies by wearing non professional attire. T-shirts, stained blouses, scuffed shoes, mini skirts, wrinkled pants, etc… were some of the items that I saw. My only thought was “Wow…what are you wearing.” Sadly to say, a number of these leaders have been with their companies for over 10 years. Definitely not what you would expect from a leader. Surely, many of you have experienced similar scenarios, whether in the non profit or for profit sector. This does not only affect the individual’s image, but the company’s image as well.

Three tips to help prevent a scenario like this:

1. An annual review and update of the company’s attire policy. This is one of the company policies that tend to get pushed to the side, outdated, and soon forgotten.

2. Implement a professional image workshop for leaders and other staff. Sometimes, staff gets focused on other company issues and neglect the company’s attire policy, including leaders.

3. Assess how well leaders and other staff are adhering to the company’s attire policy.