We tend to believe that we make our careers out of courage, confidence, talent and skill.  But while those things do help us to enjoy our jobs a lot more, really, it’s all about relationships.  From the first interview with a prospective employer, to the eye contact you make with an unknown co-worker in the hallway, really, it’s all about relationships.  What are you saying?  What is your body language saying?  What information is being given off to others by the way you walk, move, your tone of your voice and the way you look at others.  We tend to think that these things have to do with character.  But actually they have more to do with the scripted role we play in every single encounter of our lives—a role we usually don’t even know we are playing.  These roles do all of our communicating for us—with or without our conscious permission.  And when it comes to effective interactions at work, what we are communicating is everything.

This means two things:

1)  The less we are worried about successfully doing that thing we always do, the more effective are our relationships at work.

2)  If number 1) is true, then we might need to get clear about that thing we always do.  We might need to get clear on the role we are playing everywhere we go, in everything we do.  We might want to learn how that role we play is relating for us, before we even walk into the room.  But more than that, we might need to get clear on how to relate from something more authentic.

Fact is, there is nothing, NOTHING more attractive or more effective than authenticity.

As a seminar or keynote address, “It’s All About Relationships” teaches your employees how to take charge of their dynamic interactions, making them more effective at the primary endeavor of every corporate environment.