Winning The Race!

In business and in life each of us have experienced difficulties, we have faced obstacles, challenges and failures and have been faced with opposition.  It is at that time when we have to make a decision rather to give in and give up or keep moving forward and stay in the race of what we call life.  It is always easier to just throw in the towel and quit, but quitting is the easy way out. 

I once had a conversation with a young man who did very well running track.  He won all kinds of awards for coming in first place in meets throughout the states.   He shared with me that when he ran in track meets involving hurdles and happened to hit one while running in the race, he would not be disqualified from the race.  If he fell he was allow to get up and continue running.  I then asked him if anyone had ever won a race after they have hit a hurdle, he replied with a resounding yes.  Life is just like the meet with hurdles.  There are times where you will go through life without hitting any hurdles, obstacles, challenges or failures, but there are also times when as soon as you start out you hit some type of obstacle.  The important thing that we all have to remember is that we cannot give up just because things do not work out the way we wanted them.  We are not disqualified from life or the things that life has to offer.  We must be persistent and press our way through until the end.   


What does it mean to be persistence?  The definition according to the Merriam – Webster dictionary says that to persist means to go on resolutely (a  firm determination) or stubbornly in spite of opposition.  To be insistent in the repetition or pressing of, to continue to exist especially past a usual, expected or normal time.  It simply means to keep pressing towards the mark, the goal, the dream without ceasing, or without stopping until you get to the desired, expected and completed end.  It really is all about pushing and working hard with a drive and determination to win.

Below are five elements involved with persistence and perseverance in the professional arena that should be followed.  You should grasp and embrace them as you move forward in your professional career.

You should always…

  1. Be Plan-ful
  2. Be Goal Oriented
  3. Be Driven for Results
  4. Have A Winning Attitude
  5. Be Focused