Since my strong, pre crash self image was based on what I had and what I did, when my crash changed what I had and what I did, it also changed who I was. I didn’t know who I was. My crash stole my identity. I needed a new self.

We’ve all heard someone say, “If I could live life again, I’d do it differently. I wouldn’t waste so much time. I’d really apply myself to my goals.” Have you said that? I know I have.
Well, here was my chance, I was starting over. I had all sorts of physical, mental and emotional limitations. I didn’t have the tools or abilities I had the first time I built myself, but I had a hunger, I had plenty of free time, and most important, I had a mental picture of the man I wanted to be.
No Limits an autobiographical account of my rehab journey, is an account of how I realized that it doesn’t matter how many times I fall. All that matters is how many times I get back up.
Like a magnet pulls iron shavings to itself, the self help section of a local book store pulled me to a collection of books talking about the power of Winning Attitudes. The most memorable thing I learned early on in my quest for a Winning Attitude is that the key to a person’s personality, how they behave, both in their internal and in their external lives, is their self image.
In other words, until I quit seeing myself as a victim and a non participant in life’s great good, all I could expect to have were the things victims and non participants have. Victims and non participants don’t have Winning Attitudes and the things Winning Attitudes bring, and neither could I until I developed some self respect and a strong and capable self image.

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