The Encarta Dictionary doesn’t say anything about attitude when it defines success. It says somebody is successful if they’re wealthy, famous, or powerful because of a record of achievement. To me, a Winners Don’t Quit attitude is essential to a successful life.

 If Encarta’s definition of success is complete than some of Hollywood’s most well known and richest actors are completely successful, but in order to see some of these “stars” as successful, certain parts of their public/private lives have to be ignored.
Such as,
Headlines like: ” Detectives examining alleged extortion attempt by Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend”

Gibson’s lawyers have strongly denied allegations of domestic abuse against the film star.

Of the audio clips released by Radar Online, the most damaging in a criminal case likely would be an exchange in which Gibson apparently told Grigorieva that she “deserved” to be hit.

But the volatile conversation, in which Gibson also uses derogatory terms for women, Latinos and African Americans, was apparently recorded without the “Lethal Weapon” star’s permission.

Mel Gibson is one of the richest and most “successful” actors today. Decades ago Marilyn Monroe was loved and idolized by millions but she had very few friends and died from apparent suicide. Do these pictures of “success” represent the kind of success you want?
The kind of successful Winners Don’t Quit life I want is one in which I can:
  1. Accept the book I’ve been given.
  2. Believe I can write a happy ending.
  3. Care about others.

To me, Accepting, Believing and Caring come from having a Winners Don’t Quit attitude, Together, these are the ingredients for a winners’ life well lived.