We remember what we understand, We understand what we pay attention to, We pay attention to what we like, need or want!

You all have a perfect memory the only difference is some are trained and some aren’t. The problem is if it’s not working as well as you feel it has in the past the real reason is “Stress”. We all have perfect memories the only difference is mine is trained and yours is not.

Now what I mean by that is I use to have the worst memory in the world, seriously I was a slave to a day timer and when I would fly to Dallas from Anchorage Alaska and back if I left the daytimer on the plane in Seattle the following week I would be lost. If my assistant wasn’t with me the next week I didn’t know where to go or who to see until the airlines would send it back to me. I am here to tell you I don’t use one or any other physical crutch like an Iphone, computer or the likes that I potentially could forget or better yet or not have use of because of the battery not charged etc.

I use a set of mental files I have stored in my mind that ultimately is right on my body. I have yet to walk out of my office or my house and leave a leg or a arm at home or at my office. Also let me say I use my body files (10) of them sometimes 20 to 30 times a day.

Let me now say I have dyslexia and ADHD and probably should be medicated, but I was to old to be tested so here I am. The real reason is because 50 years ago they didn’t even know those handicaps had names and what they even were. Now 21 years ago I went to a Memory Workshop where mnemonics were taught and it changed my life. I have since been doing workshops teaching Mnemonics- the Science of memory. Being a psychologist when I attended the workshop I knew how the mind worked I just didn’t have a system.

Now I know you ask oh that’s why you have a good memory because you are a psychologist, but I must tell you it has nothing to do with why I am a memory expert. I was where you are right now or most of you unless you have attended one of our companies hundreds of workshops over the past 31 years.

We all remember the things we like and forget the things we don’t like easily. If you train your memory to function consciously like mine you too can be a memory expert. Or at least have a powerfully trained memory. You all have this innate ability lying dormant in your mind it’s just a matter of how to turn the switch on. That’s exactly what I do, I have turned the switch on for thousands of people just like you over the past 21 years and made a change in their life. A change just like my life changed twenty one years ago after two nights of formalized memory training.

The good thing is this workshop works for everyone whether dyslexic, ADD, ADHD, stroke victims, brain hemorrhaging or even Korsakoffs psychosis syndrome where you may have drank to much beer in college. Yes even if you have had a traumatic brain injury you can redirect the memory in your mind. Neuroscience research of the plasticity of the brain, has proven you can learn till the day you die if you have formalized memory training. With the current epidemic of Alzheimer’s our phones here at MTI have been ringing off the hook which is a positive problem for MTI. The concern bothers everyone of us especially since 6 million plus Americans now have Alzheimer’s and if we do nothing in the next 15 years they predict that doubling to 12 plus million infected with it!

You can do something about it and stop the early onset of Alzheimers’ or eliminate the problem of MCI or Mild Cognitive Impairment. Most of you now have MCI or will get it in the future. Just imagine right now if you had no more access to your ability to remember who, what, when or how or even why I mean how scary is that? I teach a Cognitive Memory skills workshop like the one that now works in your mind subconsciously and I just train you on how to align that ability with your conscious learning style. You see everything you have ever read, heard or seen in your lifetime is still up there, in your mind in a non erasable tape. The problem is when you brought it in you brought it in by using a parallel learning mode, so to get it back out you have to align it in the back of your mind to retrieve it.

The way you learn is to encode information, store it and then retrieve it. Your problem is in the recall or retrieval system not the encode or storing process to say. Well maybe in the storing process! We teach you all 4 levels or generations of Mnemonics or the science of memory 1) being Basic Association, 2) being Chain of Visualization or linking, 3) The Peg system and 4) The Mental File Folder system. Actually its a 7 hour workshop in one day or two 3-1/2 sessions where I or one of our instructors puts everything in your mind in the first 3-1/2 hours before you even know it’s there and then activate over the last 3-1/2 hours. Now let me make sure you understand, we don’t do anything illegal, immoral, harmful and it’s all G rated and we don’t hypnotize you. However; we only have 7 hours to work with you so we can’t wait for you to catch up with us therefore; we put it in your mind and activate it when we need it. It’s the new learning paradigm where experiential training coupled with positive psychology is used to instill the knowledge acquisition you need to have a trained memory.

It doesn’t matter if you have a high school education, college PHD or 4th grade education you all come into the workshop at the same level and leave with the same tools. Your mind can rewire itself every day and with the proper learning skills formally taught now in Cognitive Memory Workshops you can learn until the day you die! If your desire has been tweaked please download the free app from the iphone apps store or the android store. Start on the road to be all you can be today the app name is America’s Memory Guru or Memory Guru and if you don’t have a smart phone you can go to YouTube and look up Harold Mangum and see what we do. Also you can go to the website www.Memorytech-college.net and read about your new memory steps to becoming mentally efficient with your Memory and Mental Acuity too! Or book us into one of your conferences or staff meetings to start the skill that will give you a newfound ability to never forget again.