The paramount principle of economics is that there is no such thing as a free lunch. In order to have increasing standards of living a nation needs increasing levels of investment.  But, American capital is being driven overseas by a weakening dollar.  Why should any individual or business want to invest in a country whose currency is being debased–falling in value.  This will negatively impact the investment’s rate-of-return.   Capital (money) goes to where it is being treated good.  Unfortunately, this is not happening in the United States.

How much have U.S. living standards been impacted over the last few years?  Since the end of 2008, the average hourly wage is up only 4.5% while the consumer price index is up 6.1%.   This trend is continuing today.  Consumer expenditures constitute 70% of U.S. GDP.  With American households experiencing negative real growth in incomes, don’t expect a  vibrant U.S. economy.  You are hoping for something that has never been and never will be.  The best you can expect is a sluggish and limping along economy.  Companies will have to go overseas to increase their sales and revenues.

Summary: A strong currency will attract new investment and, hence, job opportunities and growth.