Teen parents are always wondering if their teen is lying. The lie seems like a betrayal of sorts, I trusted you and you lied to me. How am I going to trust you again? Here’s the thing, why would they lie?

Your teen really wants your approval. Whether you think so or not they are trying not to disappoint you. They’re trying not to disappoint you and by their sheer inexperience and immaturity they make mistake after mistake and hopefully catch themselves earlier each time. Still, this is often way too late by your standards. Really? Again? How could you? C’mon when are you going to get it together? You’re going to be on your own soon.

This is why they lie. Who wants to hear that everytime you make a mistake? They’re already yelling at themselves for making the stupid mistake in the first place. They too know it was stupid. Your disappoint only serves to make them feel worse. It ruins their confidence to try anything again and they walk into new situations with trepidation and insecurity rather than confidence, which is what allows someone to make better decisions. Better deicsions of which even you can be proud.

Next time try, I know you might be tempted to lie to me about something you’re not proud of. It can’t feel good to tell a parent you messed up, but no one’s perfect least of all me and I think it’s better you learn to make new mistakes rather than repeat this one beacuse you didn’t learn what you were supposed to.