“The King’s Speech” – the highly acclaimed movie, is nominated for twelve Academy Awards, and rightly so.  It’s a movie that sheds light on a debilitating speech impediment affecting approximately 65 million people in the United States alone.  It is personal with me — and brings back memories of just how difficult – but not impossible – it is to overcome physical, emotional and personal obstacles that life sometimes throws in our path.

No one could have predicted that a short, speech impaired young man could possibly distinquish himself in his adult years.  No one would have guessed he would not only overcome his impairment (and stature – he would grow!) to become a corporate president of three companies, a college president and proficient public speaker — but it happened!

Overcoming obstacles in life, whether in business, education or just personal setbacks, is a matter of choices.  Some will meekly accept obstacles as barriers they cannot, or will not, attempt to overcome.  They are defeated befoe they start and accept their life as it is presented to them.  When obstacles are faced there are always options available, some easier than others, some requiring strong determination and perhaps some sacrifice.

How obstacles are faced and overcome is just one of the topics it has been my priviledge to discuss with a wide range of audiences.  It’s part motivational, part instructional, part leadership – but always fun.  “The King’s Speech” is bringing attention to one man’s determination to overcome his obstacle — let me bring a first-hand experience to your group or organization.  They will enjoy it!