I recently watched tv’s “Who Do You Think You Are?” for the first time. Lionel Richey’s search for his family tree was featured. It was interesting to watch as his family’s past was revealed with each clue that led him to different cities and states.

So, who do you think you are in the workplace? Do you believe that your role as a management team member has boundaries similar to your box on the org chart? Do you think “out of the box” but have been reprimanded when you share creative ideas? Do you believe that you have the power to change things within your direct field of influence or within your team? If not, why not? Do you see yourself as a person who makes things easier for others or as a victim of the work environment that you step into every morning?

What we believe about what we can change has a DIRECT IMPACT on how much improvement we actually experience and sustain, even within the scope of an improvement initiative. We all recognize how equipment breakdowns affect production and cost, but your beliefs about the effectiveness and changeable nature of your management team influences the degree of team-building that can occur. Becoming aware of the impact of our beliefs helps you achieve and sustain a higher level of performance without equipment upgrades.