Who can join MVP Seminars?

Who Can Join?

First and foremost, you must have ambition and talent to be eligible. All levels and types of business professionals are welcome to apply. We do recommend that you have a quality business background with a commensurate education.

Welcome to the World’s Greatest Profession!

Do you need a Performance Video?

Only if you plan on charging over $5,000 for keynote speeches and more than $6,000 for training seminars, in which case you will need a short 8-12 minute performance video. We can help you get started. When time and fees are appropriate, we can assist in your video production.

Getting Started

Do not buy scripted turn-key seminar programs or packages. These packages are very enticing for the new trainer or coach but are generally outdated, generic and very expensive. We encourage you to utilize your own talent, background and entrepreneurial skills. There are unlimited opportunities for seminar leaders, keynote speakers, and executive coaches in a variety of topic areas.

Do many of your MVP assoc. members combine all areas of speaking? i.e. keynotes, business training and Executive Coaching.

Some, but not a lot! Keynote speaking is very difficult & takes years of practice in all phases. Business Training & Executive Coaching is developed more from a teaching model, where the BOTTOM line is disseminating quality knowledge in your topic areas.

Why do you charge a one-time marketing fee for new members?

Quite simply, you get what you pay for !! This is a very expensive business to operate and new members create additional marketing expenses. Our search engine marketing consultants and “Key word” pay per click programs, both require a significant financial commitment by MVP seminars each month. We do not charge yearly, or monthly fees, and our marketing fee is significantly less than any quality competitor.

How will MVP assist in promoting my Keynote Speaking,Training or Consulting Career?

  • Setting appropriate fees and understanding the value of your topics an experience,
  • Expenses for travel, lodging, etc. processed in a prompt manner. All financial statements and negotiations handled by our staff.
  • Lowest commission fees on the web.
  • MVP Seminars sends a monthly email blast to thousands of new planners and event coordinators, with popular topics and speaker updates.
  • MVP Seminars serves as a one stop reference for thousands of Corporate and Association meeting planners who are the ultimate decision makers in booking new services.
  • Top 5 Rankings: we have achieved hundreds of top 5 rankings in search engines.
  • Quality marketing program on all major search engines.

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