“Why me?”  “Why did I get laid off when Joe still has a job?”   It is easy to whine about how life is not fair, the economy is down, you just lost your job, or you don’t have any money.  We hear those sentiments on the street, in the media and probably at the dinner table at home.  Does it really make you feel better to whine?   Maybe it feels a little better for the moment; however, what long-lasting benefit does it provide?

Your attitude represents the mental game within the game.  Attitude will get you everywhere.  Your attitude will enhance your chances for victory or defeat.  You choose.  Professional athletes, concert musicians, and a young boy in search of a date all work on a positive attitude prior to their performance.  If an athlete were to step up to the starting line of the race telling themselves how slowly they would run, they are doomed to failure before the starting gun sounds.  Your mental game determines a significant part of your results.

Your attitude will get you everywhere.

“Yes, Mr. Nease, I know the bank likes to see a larger balance for their business banking accounts.  Mt. Castles Property Management only has $3,957.32 to cover all of the start up costs.”  “You know my sons Doug and Dan mean the world to me.  Mt. Castles has to succeed for their sake.  Mt. Castles is our only income.”  “All right, Elaine, I will open the account for you; however, I will be watching your balance closely to be certain you do not drop below our $500 minimum balance.”    Doug and Dan represented my reason why I could not and would not allow myself to fail.  Your “why” is the reason you forge ahead against the odds.  It is the reason which is so powerful that you will never give up.  You will continue until your succeed.

The mental game of a positive attitude represents such a critical element in success.  Victory does not always go to the most talented, the smartest or the prettiest.  Success goes to the most consistent, persistent and focused mental game player.  Helen Keller did not have the ability to speak, hear or see and yet she became an icon of value.  She said, “Instead of comparing our lot with that of those who are more fortunate than we are, we should compare it with the lot of the great majority of our fellow men.  It then appears that we are among the privileged.”

Helen Keller seemingly had every right to whine.  She chose to play the mental game with dedication.  Her positive attitude backed by dedicated work did indeed get her everywhere.  Her positive focus created an excellent life for herself.  Maintaining a positive attitude can create the life you want to live.  If you allow yourself to play the mental game 100% in the positive.

“Elaine, I must admit that watching your Mt. Castles Property Management bank account over this last year has been a little shaky at times, but it has been solid for over four months now.”  “Thanks, Mr. Nease.  It has been a struggle at times.  The growth is in the struggle and the reward follows the struggle.”

Playing the mental game to win rather than just survive can provide the razors edge between success and failure.  Your attitude will get you everywhere – success or failure.