What effect will your leadership have on others?  When you breathe for the last time, what will others say when reflecting upon you as a leader?  The following paragraph is taken from the book Understanding Your Role As A Leader.  


Lou Saban coached football at the high school, collegiate, and  professional levels.  Under his leadership, the Buffalo Bills won their first championships.  Before its merger with the National Football League, the American Football League boasted teams from such cities as Boston, Oakland, Houston, Denver, Kansas City and Buffalo.

In 1964 and again in 1965, the Bills were the champions of the American Football League.  Few people are aware of the fact            that George Steinbrenner was once an assistant of Saban’s when  Lou was in the collegiate ranks.  Upon Saban’s death, an Associated  Press story quoted Steinbrenner as he spoke of Saban: “He spent a  lifetime leading, teaching and inspiring and took great satisfaction in making the lives around him better.”

Wow!  What better words could be spoken of a leader?  A leader is one who makes better the lives of those around him.  And often times good leaders  do that by providing the proper opportunities for potential leaders  to develop.

Leadership is about investing your life in the lives of  others.

Steinbrenner said  that Saban spent his life developing those           around him.  That is what I hope others will say about you when    they  think of your life  and leadership.*