What Is The Size of Leadership?


What is the size of leadership? Does one size fit all? Are the skills needed to lead an organization of 10,000 any different from those needed to lead a group of 100? These are legitimate questions.


As one grows in his or her understanding of leadership, certainly vision and the ability to see what others do not, increases. This maturation process often times is what opens the door for a leader to move from leading 100 persons to leading 10,000. But in reality, leading 100 persons calls for good character, personal investment, leadership development, passion, vision and communication just as does leading a group of 10,000.


All effective leaders are on a journey and have the ability to convince others to join them. This may be seen on the school playground with a group of second grade students playing kickball or it may take place in the board room of an international corporation. Though they be at differing levels of development, leadership skills of passion, vision and communication are being exercised in both settings. Some things about leadership are unchanging. Basic leadership skills never become obsolete. Whether in the fifth century or the twenty-first, the size of leadership is determined only by the individual leader. What is the size of your leadership?