During the late 1990s and early 2000s the word in auto sales was that due to the advent of shopping and buying via the internet, soon there would be no need for car salesmen and women.  But I have taken notice that there are still many people who make their living selling cars.  As a matter of fact, I know a dozen or more of them myself!  Sure, there may be fewer salespersons than there were and most dealerships have someone dedicated to internet sales.  But the fact remains that there always will be a need for a live human to sell you a car.  I have yet to see a computer or an internet site that can take you for a test drive.  I have yet to see a computer that has the ability to give you the keys to a car and place the license plate in its proper place. I have yet to see an internet site that can literally put gas in the tank.   


 Yesterday I was privileged to be part of a three man team that led an all day conference focused on empowering the community.  The topics were leadership, influence and being intentional.  As I reflected on that experience I began to think of the future of live leadership training.  With the ease of attending a webinar in the comfort of your home or office, will live leadership training soon be obsolete?  When comparing the cost between a webinar and contracting with someone to lead a workshop, which of the two presents the greater value?  Of course, the webinar will be cheaper, but does it truly bring the value of depth, passion and interaction needed by you and your organization.  There are some strong similarities between auto sales and leadership seminars.  Webinars certainly have their place but I have participated in several and have yet to sense the passion from one that I have detected from a live trainer.  I have yet to be part of a webinar that drew me in to the subject matter the way a live, face to face encounter does.   And, I have never yet, had a webinar provide me lunch!


The bottom line?  Just like auto sales, there will always be a need for a warm, live human voice and face when it comes to leadership training.  Why do people still attend a live music concert when they could just buy the CD?  Some things are always better in person.  Some things just cannot be fully communicated or transferred via electronic means.  Is there a good future for live leadership training?  You bet!