The eternal truth of the universe is—that all actions provoke reactions. In human terms these reactions or consequences may be positive or negative. Someone or something has to pay a price or cost. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

For example, in interpersonal relationships, honest communication is both important and essential. You can control the “what and when” of your communication, but you can not control the resulting impact (positive or negative) it has on the other person. This, honest or otherwise, is the cost or price of your communication.

Another example—in economics you can not simultaneously control the cost and quantity of any product or service. If you try to control the cost (price controls), the quantity (and quality) decreases. This is the result of trying to control the price of any product or service.

There are always consequences or costs to any action taken by an individual and their consequences have to be weighed against the cost of the proposed action.