For years those of us in the medical professions, at least those of us who chose to be self informed have known a simple fact.  Sugar is bad for you.  There was a great segment last night on 60 minutes about what current research is concluding about sugars in our diets.  We have known for years that to limit refined sugars will reduce obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancers etc. and now the research is finally catching up with what we already have known.  Anything in excess, from sugars to fats to smoking to drinking will harm us.  What we did not know was that many cancers grow and expand in a high ingested sugar environment.  Add a sedentary lifestyle, high fat diets, lack of high nutrition and high antioxidant foods and folks we have a winner…any you have to pay the medical and absenteeism/presenteeism costs.

There are 5 simple things that we can do to make your employees healthier, more productive, sick less and overall more happy!  Let me show you the way!