Wellness is the hot buzz word in the workplace, employee wellness, workforce wellness, injury prevention, reduced absenteeism, reduced presenteeism, workforce productivity, stress reduction, nutrition, diet, weight loss the list is frankly endless!

Ask an EMT, Fire Fighter or Officer; ask a laborer, desk jockey or VP what wellness is or what wellness means and you will get almost 100% different answers and this is where the problem begins.  Wellness is an all encompassing umbrella term to cover everything and anything health related.

Wellness at Work must mean different things to each employee and WE must understand what it means to them to make wellness work for US.

Field Employees:

1. injury prevention and injury reduction

2. Learning how to eat on the go and on the street

3.  How to manage stress in a high production department

4. Tricks and tips to burn calories while on duty and at work

5. Resources an employee can access on duty and at work to track their food and calorie intake.

6.  Education and resources to help them with safe and effective exercises.

7.  Fitness program design, not a generic one size fits all programs but a periodized and individualized scientific fitness program.

8. The Knowledge and assistance to overcome barriers and obstacles to achieving personal fitness.

9.  Simple and highly effective ergonomic steps that are constantly reinforced to ensure safe and efficient material, equipment and equipment handling.


1. Improved morale

2. Reduced overexertion soft tissue injuries

3. Improved staffing as a result of reduced OJI’s and improved morale.

4. Reduced uniform expenses from weight gain.

5. Lowered workers compensation costs

6. Significantly reduced presenteeism = fewer accidents, mistakes and injuries.

7. Improved career longevity from healthier employees.

8. Lower fuel costs from lower employee weight.

9. Reduced medical costs through fewer sick employees, they will use their benefits less.

10. True culture change when Admin and Field employees ALL champion, cheer-lead, reinforce, coach and lead lasting and measurable organizational change!