Welcome to the 1st posting of a new Blog offering unique insights into the 50+ Mature Marketplace. Notice we didn’t refer to them as “Seniors”, by the way.  And that’s the first insight this Blog has to offer.

By way of quick introduction, I’m a professional speaker and marketing consultant who’s been doing this kind of work for 38 years (thank god, I began when I just seven years old), with the last 15 or so focusing on the Mature Marketplace.

Why are they so important? The sheer numbers tell that part of the story.  In the year 2000, there were approximately 68 million Americans over the age of 50. Today, that number has grown to almost 105 million Americans.

What that means is that we are rapidly approaching a unique moment in our nation’s history – when one in three Americans will be over age 50.

For marketing professionals – especially in the healthcare, financial planning, assisted living and leisure services industries – the ability to understand and communicate with this unique Target Audience will be the pathway to increased customer satisfaction and long-term business growth.

So welcome to “Marketing to the Mature Marketplace”. Think of it as a journey down the “Highway 50” of America. Please join us. The top’s down. The sun’s out.  It’s going to be an interesting ride.