In my last post titled: “Activate Your Awareness”, I provided a short exercise with the purpose of helping us to understand that we’re not our thoughts. The point was that our intellectual nature (or mind) consists of many aspects vying for control. Each of these aspects (our conscious and subconscious mind, our will, desires and emotions) as well as other forces, factors and issues submit thoughts to our mind.

The mere fact that we’re aware of the different thoughts going through our mind provides us the opportunity to take charge of our lives. So, now that our awareness is activated, what do we do next? I’m glad you asked.

Being aware is good but it’s not enough. The next step involves being mindful of what the voice in our head is telling us and of the possible consequences of our actions.

Mindfulness is our ability to be aware of what’s going on both inside us and around us. It is the continuous awareness of our bodies, emotions, and thoughts. The key point being just because the voice is in our head, that doesn’t mean it’s telling us the right or proper thing to do. Without mindfulness our voice can trigger uncontrolled emotional reactions, fear, illness, disease, limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, etc.

Therefore, do not and I repeat do not automatically conform to or put into action the ideas presented prior to evaluating the guidance provided. Doing so is very often the cause of unnecessary drama in our lives. There should always be an interval of time between hearing the voice in our head and our forming a response to it. Normally, the greater this interval of time, the less catastrophic the results will be.

As a result of emotional blocks and limiting beliefs our ability to be mindful is very often compromised. Oftentimes we act without thinking based on the conditioning caused by our core beliefs. As I have stated in earlier posts, our core beliefs act as our guideposts to life and are hidden deeply in our subconscious. Without the ability to observe the effect that core beliefs have on our lives, we are doomed to repeat the past again and again. It’s like we’re living in a dream. If that’s you, WAKE UP!

We regain the power that we’ve abdicated to our circumstances and situations when we’re able to separate ourselves from our thoughts by becoming mindful of what’s going on in and around us. In my next post I’ll share the steps we have to take in order to awaken from this dream world. Until next time here’s hoping that you live today and every day passionately and with purpose. Thank you and God bless!