Attitude Challange

Has your life ever hit what seemed like a permanent rough patch, where things seemed so unchangeable that you contemplated suicife for years? 

Some situations can't be or won't be changed. Given current conditions, they are unchangeable. Times like this are when gratitude is the only antidote. Caring about others is a source of gratitude that never dries up.

What if it won’t quit raining? The storm just keeps on coming. Getting our Attitude vaccinated with gratitude helps us to dance in the rain. Sounds like your blowing smoke. How does gratitude vaccinate our Attitudes?

Having an Attitude of acceptance toward things we cannot change helps us accept the unacceptable.


Helping someone else accept their unacceptable gives us a new perspective. Helping someone else also helps you.

Challenging the Challenger

When I am visiting my friend Wayne (he lives in a long term care nursing facility), I’m dealing with my challenges. I’m helping me. It is impossible for me to feel sorry for myself when I’m helping someone else deal  with their challenges.

Sure, I am a hemiplegic with the left half of my body paralyzed so I am unable to do many of the things I used to take for granted, but when I visit a fellow who was much like me, but who is now in much worse condition than I’m in, I get a new perspective. I’m super thankful I came through my crash only half paralyzed.

It is absolutely impossible to have a bad attitude when I visit Wayne. Visiting him makes me feel thankful I’m in good enough shape to be a visitor in who can come and go at will. I’m also thankful I can make Wayne smile, again and again. Helping Wayne helps me.

Blessings in Challenges

A power point that is nothing but pictures accompanies my presentations, I have my pp on my smart phone. Wayne smiles like a rock star when I show him his pictures and tell him I talk about his bravery all over the country and in Canada. 

When I was on my way to Wayne's wheelchair, which I push all over the hospital, for my weekly visit. A nurse recognized me and said, you like visiting Wayne, don't you?

I nodded, "He's my attitude coach."

She smiles, "I think you're his attitude coach"

I shrug "What goes around comes around."

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