Unselfish leadership is that which attempts to have others follow sound principles, and not people. It is that which attempts to benefit all and not just a few. Unselfish leadership is that which thinks in terms of “we” and “us” rather than “I” and “me”.
Unselfish leadership follows an agreed upon vision, mission, and core values and attempts to have all activities and issues line up to those, and not line up to certain people. It attempts to benefit the entire world and not just one country or one group of people.
Unselfish leadership collaborates and compromises, where necessary, for the good of all – it is not divisive and does not have hidden agendas. It acts quickly and decisively, while, at the same time, always using sound wisdom and intelligence based on facts.
Unselfish leadership prioritizes and focuses on the few most important issues and follows through on them until they are well underway – and then moves down the priority list in like fashion. It is well organized and does not rush around hurriedly constantly trying to “put out fires”.
Unselfish leadership listens to its followers and sincerely attempts to meet their needs in the most practical, expedient manner possible. It does not belabor, posture, or ridicule for the selfish interest of a few.
Unselfish leadership sincerely cares for and has compassion for all and consistently, persistently, and daily acts in that manner.
Now ask yourself, as a leader, do I meet the above definition of unselfish leadership?
May every leader – in government, business, or other type organization – be an unselfish leader !