What is the biggest challenge you face as a leader?  Many students of leadership tell us that identifying and developing leaders always has and always will be a huge challenge.  If this is true, leaders of corporate America are in for a long uphill climb.  Consider the following information from Harry K. Jones:

       –FORTUNE MAGAZINE reminds us that every seven seconds, someone turns 60.  That equates to 12,343 baby boomers

       turning 60 years or older every day!

     -The boomers are retiring in record numbers from the American workplace.

     -Forty percent of the workforce will be retiring soon, leaving not a hole in leadership but a crater!

     -Retiring baby boomers will be difficult to replace…

     -Experts say that management and leadership skills would be the asset in shortest supply in most organizations. *

Notice that Jones says in the near future, “…leadership skills would be the asset in shortest supply to most organizations.”  With this great change that is currently underway in the U.S. workforce, now is the time to identify and train your leaders.  What are you doing to identify and develop the potential leaders around you?  What type of training do you offer to those who are part of your team?  What are you doing to meet the big leadership challenge?  Taking the effort and time to develop your potential leaders might be the best investment you and your company can make.  


*  Harry K. Jones, “Today’s Invisible Leadership Challenge,” http://www.achievemax.com/blog/2009/03/05invsible-leadership-challenge/March 05, 2009.