Turning your business upside down to increase profitability and business growth is so simple you may not even see it. It’s right in front of you! And it’s the key to a successful business.

The success of running a lean and integrated business is about knowing who you are and empowering your employees to do the same.

With self knowledge comes energy and enthusiasm that leads to innovation, to growth, and to a successful bottom line.

Try looking at the world upside down. Stand on your head! Be bold! Step out of your comfort zone and beat back resistance by implementing 5 simple but effective tools that will forge an interdependent and creative business team:  have an attitude of gratitude, be vulnerable, learn to adapt, find your passions (preferably outside the business of the organization – something just for the individual to pursue), and practice forgiveness.

Everyone in your company is a leader; no one in your organization gets left behind.

Creative people don’t punch clocks!