The year is about half over. It is a good time for us to review our goals and objectives for the year and mark our progress.
What, you don’t have goals and objectives for the year? If not, how will you know if you have advanced in 2012 and made personal progress? I keep two “To Do” lists posted: one for every day, and one for the year. My daily “TO DO” list is an ongoing challenge, but as I step back, I’m doing well for the whole year. I have already read as many books as I planned, I created a new keynote address for my repertoire, my retirement plan is finally on track, and I have reviewed the Italian language for an upcoming trip. (Forgive me if I don’t share the other items on my list. I take the advice of self-help guru Derek Sivers that you should not share your goals with others, because that automatically decreases the chances that you will achieve them.)
Over the years, my annual list of goals have enabled me to accomplish a number of interesting things, such as hitting certain income goals, learning a new language, singing in Carnegie Hall and publishing my first book.
If you haven’t yet put together your own list, don’t fret. Better to finish the year with a smaller list than one at all. The more important thing to remember is to work at actually reaching your goals by prioritizing them, putting them on schedule, focusing on them and eliminating the time wasters that get in your way. One could find no better role model than a mother on public assistance who became one of the richest women in the U.K. J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, told the Harvard graduating class that “achievable goals are the first step to self improvement.”