My entry into the “How To Fix The Economy” contest

By: Greg Gilbert

This has impacted so many people in the U.S. I have put this in my keynote and management training. Oh, and believe me, I did think of this on the lower bunk last weekend.

Layoffs, downsizing, force massaging, force reductions, going a different direction and you’re not going with us. These are all negative terms that those in the motivational speaking business would probably stay away from. But to those of us in the educational, instructional or training business, these items are real and people need to know how to avoid being personally affected. Many have already been directly or indirectly affected. As a result of our access to so much media, we are more aware of these possibilities than probably any time in history. I would like to offer as much peace of mind as possible against these things happening to you.

Layoffs and all the other terms listed above have happened and probably will continue to happen forever. What can you and I do, what can we do as a country to minimize this? The first thing we have to do is care. Yes, we always care what happens to us but we have to care what happens to our coworkers, supervisors, owners of the company and the shareholders if it’s a publicly traded company.

Clear your mind for this example. I will assign you to different positions within the company after we begin. Here is the example in its simplest form. This occurs many times each month across the country: There are ten employees currently doing the same job and because of whatever reason (normally money, but don’t think about the why yet) the company is reducing this number to eight. Two employees will be leaving the payroll.

Now remember, clear your mind. I know there are Labor Agreements, Employee Handbooks, rules, laws and other thoughts in your mind that have laid the groundwork for what you think should happen. Although I do want to stop here and make a point that some supervisors ignore. No Labor Agreement, handbook, rule or law grants immunity for poor performance. Although seniority, race, age and gender seem to strike fear and create excuses for inaction in some managers, none of these grants permission to not show up at work, on time and perform at a satisfactory level. As you go through this exercise don’t think of seniority, labor agreements or what position you hold within the company. Remember, have an open mind.

Where are you within the company? Who do you think should leave the company and what criteria should be used? I take you through the different mindsets of different employees and positions. I have you consider the HONEST answers.

I then take you to your favorite sporting event and ask you this question; When the game is on the line, who do you want on the field? Results or seniority? Anyway, I think I have found the best possible way to prevent layoffs. In fact I think it is the ONLY thing that is within our control. What if you moved your PERFORMANCE closer to your POTENTIAL? Who do you want on your field?

We are looking for participants. This trial has no end date and this country currently has millions of slots open. We currently have two policies available:

1.The “Do It Because Of Inspiration” Policy which is voluntary.
2.The “Do It Because Of Desperation” Policy which is mandatory.
You Choose!

Author side note: This concept has also been proven effective in preventing divorce, obesity, bankruptcies and relationship problems.

This concept is a MAJOR portion of the “Accountable Leadership And Results Management Training”. Managing and producing results.