Perhaps the biggest job leaders have is to equip and develop the leaders and potential leaders that are near them.  Failing to help those around you to move forward and not giving them the tools needed for them to grow professionally places a lid on their potential and yours.  Zig Ziglar said something similar to this, “The only thing worse than training your leaders and then watching them leave, is to not train your leaders and keep them”.


Equipping leaders for a task is not easy.  Developing the leaders around you is usually not something that happens quickly.  It requires a long term commitment of time and energy.  Your level of commitment will greatly determine the level to which the leaders around you rise.  Far too many leaders in business, sports, civic clubs and churches are under developed.  It is the leader’s job to make sure they do not stay this way.  Before you begin however, make sure you are willing to tackle the task of leadership development.


(Coming Soon: Part 2)