The task of leadership development begins with choosing the right leaders.  This in itself is no easy task.  From where do leaders come?  This leads to the question, "Are leaders born or developed?"  George Barna states that one out of eight leaders are born.  If this be true, then seven out of eight leaders are groomed, taught and developed.  So, those we lead into leadership must have the proper emotional and mental posture to become leaders.

Leadership development depends on us choosing the proper persons.  All of us have our strengths and weaknesses.  There is no such thing as the perfect leader.  However, when choosing potential leaders, be sure to not let a person's flaws blind you to his or her potential.  Dale Carnegie said that in order to mine gold, it is necessary to remove tons of dirt; but, you don't go into the process looking for the dirt!  When choosing potential leaders for development, make sure you don't let the dirt keep you from seeing the gold!